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U show card applies geometricpatterns including equilateral triangle, tetragon, pentagon and hexagon. With the various sides of thepatterns connecting together, the 3d objects of the various forms may becreated via such continuous connections With the combination of thevarious colored cards or patterns, it features more diversity and fun!

Paper skil

Masks are significant symbolization of primitive civilization, Besides revealing the development of human’s spiritual civilization, They also interpret the long standing and well established historical value of the ancestors. The legends within the various tribes are presented through the different masks, Allowing one to take a glimpse at the mysterious world behind the profoundly cultivated masks.

The DIY Table Lamps series - the Bronze Age (serialized products)

Based on ancient Chinese bronzes themes and adaptation of bronze appearance and patterns during the Warring State Period of China, the penetrating effective of engraving created under the lighting, seemingly putting one in an ancient civilization and the nostalgia of China’s “Golden Age,” traveling between ages of time.

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